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81-The Other World International
„81–The Other World“ dares the crossing of a frontier. Never before has a camera crew been able to get so deep inside the secretive brotherhood. The HELLS ANGELS have never before been shown so openly in front of a camera. Nevertheless, there remains a distance, a distance that the members of
the association value. For them there is an inside and an outside. The world of the
HELLS ANGELS is not always as it seems. Since its founding in 1948, the HELLS ANGELS are caught in the crossfire of Politics and media. This stands out in the public-a picture of cold-blooded outsiders, where every means seems to expand their sphere of influence. For the first time the HELLS ANGELS speak about their view of things. This film crosses borders. It shows the image of a male society with strict rules and laws; the HELLS ANGELS full force and power is clear !!!
Achim & Blues, founding members:
„The common denominator of the
Hells Angels is the togetherness and
Frank Hanebuth, member:
„If you fuck with a Hells Angel, you have
to know what are you doing.“!
Django, member, press officer:
„If you behave like a man, I treat you
like a man.“ !
Ben Becker, actor:
„The family is the greatest good we have,
and this good you can expand.“
Playing time ca. 73 min.
DVD 81 The Other World international
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